December 12


Started at the S curve in Big Cottonwood and ascended Broads continuing to almost Lisa Falls pass.

A slide was noted in the not uncommon glide slide location on Bonkers.

Ascended the east facing south twin apron to the chute choke and descended to the flats. Ascended the north facing apron to the choke and descended to the flats. All were in the back bowls of Broads.

This appeared to over run tracks from Saturday? The question is whether it is really a glide or is influenced by thermal heating. Another glide was noted to the west of Florence, in the boulder field south of eeny meeny ridge. No other indications of instability noted.

Ascended the shoulder of Dromedary and descended the Sidewinder to just above lake Florence with traverses to the left across Eenny Meeny etc ridge to the creek crossing and continuing down the summer trail to the S curve.


High clouds and moderate temperatures were the rule with a bit of gusty west wind at times.

Bottom Line:

The snow is weak but stable. Any significant wind or snow would likely produce some avalanching on the weak old surfaces.



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