December 14

Starting the day, we found about an inch of five percent had fallen without wind.

It was bonding with everything

Gambrelli has Wednesdays off from work. She'll join me for my work day if she thinks it's worth it.

Making out way through the snow covered aspen.

This is not surface hoar.

I got a new camera with a big telephoto. This one is a little blurry.

Oh yeah, holding steady.

Looks can be deceiving.It was good, but face shots a rarity.

For some reason, no one had been to this common and easy to get to hill.


Started on the Mill D North fork trail ascending Little Water Peak. Descend to the flats





and ascended, traversing to the west back onto the ridge. Descended the north facing lower shot to the flats.



Ascended then did the rolly polly over to Big Water. Ascended to the west and descended the east facing into Big Water. Ascended and traversed to the west descending Soldier Fork off the top to the flats continuing out Soldier to Millcreek road.


The weather could be described as cool and clear with some occasional mid and upper elevation fog banks rolling through. Little wind.


The snow would sluff on the steeper hills and was entraining a bit of light density old surface snow but was moving neither far nor fast at present. Most areas have recrystalized surfaces and crusts on the southerly facing are also appearing to weaken. Old wind crusts are also starting to break down as well as old tracks.

Bottom Line:

Snow is stable with the increasing likelihood of surface sluffing the primary concern.


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