December 8

One of those days.

Starting with Holy Toledo. A close look at the end of the day reveals a zigazgging up-track?


Started at the Alta guard station continuing over powerline ridge into main Cardiff. Ascended Cardiac ridge to the summit descending off the top and down the middle.





Went back up and did it again.


Ascended the east facing to the top of high Ivory. Descended continuing down to just below the old mill, following the summer road out Cardiff.

Today is Mark White's 40th birthday. He needs new skins.


Bluebird with high clouds passing at times and cool temperatures.


Snow is settled powder on all aspects. I suspect the south particularly the south west facing will have a crust. Some of the east and the southeast may retain dry powder. All the shady aspects have settled powder. I noticed enough near surface faceting from the overnight cool temperatures to conclude most of the tension in whatever lingering slab is gone.

Bottom Line:

Snow is mostly stable with hazard related to strong sun warming on exposed and some isolated but possibly active wind drifts on the very steep slopes.

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