February 1-2

NOLS Level 2 guests

I was invited to be a guest instructor at a week long Level 2 avalanche course for NOLS guides.

I was invited by Lynn Wolfe the editor of the Avalanche Review, also known as homemadesalsa on telemark tips. I was there for two days of the course.

It snowed most of the time we were there.

Exiting the car on the first day.

Instabilities within the new snow were noted almost immediatly confirmed by a test slope.

Climbed to the ridge and after some serious discussion about stability, digging pits, checking the slope angle and learning anything over 30 degrees was labeled red light terrain, we made a run.

Climbing back out through the thick forest.

Skiing was quite good on the south facing ridge exit.


The second day with another group and lead instructor, we went to Teton Pass,

booting up the Glory Bowl ridge line next to the slide path.

The winds and a little fresh snow continued, with riming on the trees along the ridge scenic.

Snowpits were once again dug, with more discussion of slope angles and stability.

We found the snow mostly stable, only shears within new snow layering and wind affect.

Skiing was, once again quite good and we even broached the red light on short sections over 30 degrees.


Even the road cut exit provide nice turns.

The place I stayed was an old church with meals and meetings in the gymnasium.

Learned a bit and hopefully, so did the students.


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