February 20

avalanche school day 3


Started on the Milicent lift descending just west of the boundary to the flats.

A shorter day than yesterday but I had a strong group. We dug a snowpit prior to the first run hoping to discover continued stability.

Ascended to the ridge above the Figure eight and descended.

The snow was stable, good powder, once again.

Tri-U from the teletips chat room was in attendance,

finding some good skiing.

Ascended to Twin Lakes pass traversing to the shoulder of east bowl of Silver. Descended the first pitch.

Ascended the north shoulder to the Flanagan’s ridge, descending and continuing out Silver Fork to the lodge.


There was a mid elevation cloud deck for most of the day preserving the fresh snow on most aspects. Cool temperatures and little wind. Clearing in the afternoon.


The new snow has settled to about a foot right side up over a mostly crusted base. Snow pit testing indicated a moderate shear under the variable wind crust. Sluffing remains on the steeper slopes within new snow layering, not stepping to the old surface. The sluffs remain without much punch, unless on an extended steep slope.

Bottom Line:

The snow is mostly stable with some potential active, but isolated wind drifts. Wet slide hazard would increase with warming.

We caught the bus back up canyon, only a little late, finishing the class with final lectures and dispersal.

Great snow conditions for the class.

Maybe a little too stable for learning?


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