February 5


Started on the Bowman trail ascending to the ridge above the Cabin run on Gobblers. Descended down into Pole Canyon. Ascended the same route for another lap descending to below Baker Springs. Ascended the same route continuing over the top for a descent of the main line on Gobblers, off the top and down the middle continuing out Porter.


Overcast with low clouds and instability showers from time to time into late afternoon. Breezes from the northwest at 10mph or less except for an occasional higher gust. Cool temperatures.


6-8 inches of new snow over a solid base. Because of the post frontal northwest winds, the ridgeline areas were scoured out to the old surface. Down off the ridges, skiing could be described as smooth and creamy powder. There were sensitive cornices along the east and southeast facing ridges. These were easily dropped, with the result a little sluffing and chunks rolling down the hill.

Bottom Line:

Snow is stable. Concerns would be from daytime heating and the resulting wet activity and some isolated potential of active drifting and perhaps some sluffing on the steeper lee aspects.


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