February 6


Started at the White Pine parking, ascending to the summit of Red Baldy.

Lake peak skied


Bluebird, with a bit of northwest breeze early in the day. Moderate temperatures.

. Descended two pitches.

Red Baldy skied

Ascended a secondary ridge to the top of the Birthday chutes, descending the skier’s left out to the flats.


The recent storm snow had settled to about four inches. Somewhat deeper in more wind sheltered, but the basic dust on a variable crust conditions. Little in the way of instability was observed, with point release rollers the extent of the wet activity. Several of the south facing gullies across the LCC highway did spit up during the day.

Skiing out the bottom of the Birthday chute

Ascended the same route traversing to the south and descending skier’s left tri chute continuing out White Pine.

Snow on the shady side has been blown around, both before and after the little storm, making for some surprises along the downhill slides.

Heli landing on Lake peak. Mondays are not heli free in White Pine?

Bottom Line:

Snow is stable and activity will likely be limited to wet slides, mostly of the point release variety until daytime heating promotes potential for somewhat bigger slide potential.


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