January 12

Started in Grizzly Gulch ascending the common route to east pass of Silver. Traversed to the west

descending Over Easy to the flats continuing to the main gully.

Louise, a few turns in.


Ascended to the top of the west bowl of Silver and descended.

My friend Marla Bailey happened along, so...

I got a nice series of powdah turns.


G on the lower pitch.

A splitboarder happened along, so I took advantage.

He claimed to have introduced Clair Yost to fatter skis and a parallel turn?

Ascended and descended off the shoulder, Hideaway park to the flats. Ascended Main Days via the sub ridge, encountering heli interference and descended east facing upper days

Sking out the gully in Hideaway.

Cornice drop into Cardiac Ridge initiated a slide,

which stepped down as it entered the main run.

Ascended the Two Dogs path, traversed west and descended Holy Toledo into Cardiff continuing over powerline ridge and descended out Cardiff to the road.It was a bluebird, with moderate temperatures. Occasional winds from the west, gusting to 15mph+.


It snowed 9-12 inches over a mostly supportable base. There were patches of wind effect scattered around, even at the lower elevations. Ski cutting these would produce an occasional fracture, but none encountered moved far or propagated. Others may not have been so lucky.

Bottom Line:

Snow is mostly stable. I’d expect some scattered active wind drifting, primarily in upper elevation terrain and likely having an easterly component. Since there seems to be little evidence of faceting. I’d expect most instabilities to have settled out.


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