January 5


Started at Red Pine parking and ascended to the east pass of White Pine, continuing up the ridge until my partner's progress was halted by slick hard slab on the ridge. Descent was northwest facing off the ridge and down to the base of the Red Baldy gully.





Several inches of new snow, for the most part light density at lower elevations and all graupel up high, fell over the last day or so adding to the totals. Skiing both runs was in graupel quite deep in places and waves of graupel from the winds on the first run Long John Silver.

Ascended Red Baldy to the summit descending to the first flat



and repeat.

Continued down and out White Pine.

There was a bit of sluffing, which did not propagate nor run far.

Other wise little indication of instability.

Several slides, running during the storm were spotted. All were on easterly aspects. They were on the back bowl White Pine lake (backside of White Baldy), large slide east facing Box Elder. and a large slide east facing farthest wet drainage of Silver Creek. These all had partially blown in crowns.

Bottom Line:

Snow is mostly stable. There are areas with potential, indicated with visible wind drifting. These were avoided today and I'd recommend avoidance tomorrow, also.

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