July 4

The early eighties had a couple of big snow years, with a slow summer melt off. We extended the ski season into July, celebrating the fourth by skiing Cardiac. I've missed a few, but the tradition continues into the new millennium.

Gearing up in the center of the town of Alta.

A summer trail can be followed to the pass.

The castle and Baldy in the background.

The snow patches seen are northeast facing Little Superior and behind Cardiac bowl and the summit of Superior.

We followed the ridge up the shoulder. There's several ways of getting on the snow. I've jumped before, but...age?

G and Joni wait and watch to see if MC tears it up or takes a slider.

What the hell were they thinking, course he's gonna tear it up.

The snow, though sun cupped is nice and soft. Skies were cloudy overnight holding in the heat and the skiing is good.

At least Joni seems to think so.

I missed a little of g,

catching the next pitch.

There's another group skiing the area. At least one, I've seen on the fourth before over the years. A dedicated TAY er and I forgot to ask how many months straight.

We found a bouquet of parry primrose flowers growing just below the summit of Superior.

A Head skier, packed um all the way, shows how it's done offa the top.

MC follows suit.

Joni is still pinin' and grinnin'.

We climbed back up for another run on the northwest facing of LSB. Here's a pano seen of Alta and part of da byrd.

We'd spotted a nice exit patch on the way in. Take the skis off, walk a hundred feet and puttum back on.

There's a narrow choke or two to negotiate before we run outta snow completely

Meanwhile, back on the northeast face, we find David Witherspoon scotty bobbin it. Thought about joining up.

Rumor has it, there was an afternoon hail storm.

A cross country amble short cuts the trail back to the ridge, at times requiring four limb drive.

Another bouquet at the pass growing in the rocks.

These, I think are a variety of clematis, growing higher than is common.

A fourth in Cardiff is not complete the last few years, without a goat spotting

or two.

We beat the thundershower, had a hamburger-shake, a nap and

finished with a fireworks show.

Must be summer.

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