June 14-15

I spent two days trying to do a hike from the mouth of City Creek to Rudi's flat above Mueller park, descending North Fork and back to the mouth of City creek.

The first day was rained out.

June 14

I did make it as far as the radio towers at the end of Bonniville blvd. I've been experimenting with the cameras, taking pictures of wildflowers. Those photos are mostly found here.

Thistles aren't flowers?

But they do look kinda cool.


June 15

Starting on the same path completing the route. Hadn't done the whole thing before.

It was a better day, cool well into the afternoon. Beyond the towers the ridge to Rudi's flat can be seen, with Grandview ridge behind, looker's right.

This area, formerly open to four wheeling, now watershed, had more blooming sego lilies than I've ever seen. I did a web page of the photos, found here.

Eventually the trail almost disappears, continuing more or less along the ridge. I lost it for a short distance before joining the north fork trail, outta Mueller park.

Descent into City Creek via the obscure north trail. Brushy for the first part, then open and ya gotta watch for snakes, eventually entering the lush creek bottom.

Small waterfalls here and there as the trail follows the creek,

exiting at lower Rotary park in City Creek.

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