June 27

In an effort to escape the summer heat and also hoping for a good sunset, I hiked the Bowman trail.

Parking below the campground which is gated and closed at 10 pm and taking a good powerful headlamp.

I got a bunch of

pictures of Columbines. Some, I think, are quite good. I put them over on the Wildflowers gallery, here.

I always try for a good photo of paintbrush, when I find it. This one is about the best.

For some reason...

Anyhow, a coupla sunsets.

Almsot dark.

I like the reflections off the Great Salt Lake.

July 1

Once again I agreed to pace a segment of the 100 mile race.The summer is spent getting ready, with most of the course covered.

We started with Big Mountain to Lambs to Elbow Fork to Porter Fork.

It's about 22 miles.

Here's the view, Looking south, from the top of Bald knob.

Heading down the ridge into Alexander creek with a portion of Little Dell reservoir and the SL valley beyond.

Well into the route and feeling it, headed up towards Lambs.

Thimbleberry flowers on the trail outta Lambs.

From the ridge above Elbow fork a good look into Alexander Basin.

Further along West Porter is seen.

A butterfly landing on a geranium.

Ran outta water on the pipeline. Carrying over 100 ozs.

Maybe a long summer?

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