March 14


It was partly cloudy, with mild temperatures. Winds from the south along the ridges and channeled by terrain features lower. They were blowing in the 10-20mph range at elevations traveled through, less off the ridges.


Started on the Bowman trail ascending to the top of Yellow Jacket, descending Toots to Boot.

There is about a foot of medium or creamy density settled snow at the 9500’ level. Lesser amounts with elevation decrease. Winds were strong enough to build some goods sized and sensitive cornices. A number of those broke off releasing a couple of small slides but mainly dropping chunks on the slopes.

Ascended to the top of Wilson, descending the Glade, traversing to the west descending the Bonus bowl

Ascended the east facing to the saddle traversing north and descending

the Thousand Springs chute to the Millcreek road.

Down off the ridges, in sheltered terrain, the snow has stabilized nicely with good bonds, not heating enough, even at the 7’000 foot level, to initiate wet activity.

Bottom Line:

Hazard today was related to the wind drifting. I’d imagine some of the drifts to remain sensitive and they’ll probably be concealed under the forecasted new snow. Bonding of the new snow may also play a role because of the redistribution.


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