March 18

Most good tours in the tri-canyons begin with a ride on the bus. This one was no exception.


Started at the Alta Guard station. Ascended Toledo bowl,





both pitches into main Cardiff.

Ascended and traversed to Georges bowl


and continuing out Cardiff.

Walked down the road to Butler Fork.

Ascended Butler to the Mill A pass continuing on the summer trail to the ridge, summiting Gobblers. Descended from the top out Porter.


Overcast with some partial clearing then fog with instability showers in the afternoon. Winds were light. Temperatures moderate


There was about a foot of fresh snow over a variable base. Lesser amounts and some settlement with associated wet slide rollers from greenhousing at lower elevations. Good creamy to blower snow at upper elevations. Sluffing within surface snow was easily initiated with ski cuts early but snow settled quickly and was resistant later in the day.

Bottom Line:

Snow is mostly stable. Concerns would be from warming and andy period of persistent strong wind.

That evening there was a gathering at the WMC lodge.

I gave a slide show about route finding and safe travel. Better late than never.

Cowboy gave his history of progression in splitboarding, from the earliest version.

I left early cuz another tour was on for the next day.

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