March 26


Started on the Porter Fork road ascending up Gobblers to the shoulder. Descended to the main gully.


Overcast to obscure with light snow. Winds increased with elevation gain to about 30+ from the northwest. Erratic, with lower speeds off the ridges. The winds were moving snow. Cool temperatures.

Ascended Paradise, traversing west onto the Raymond Glade ridge, continuing to the shoulder of Raymond. Descended the glade continuing down, traversing a it west and descending onto the Porter Fork trail.


4-6 inches from 6’000 feet. Hard to tell up high as it was blown around. I’d guess the same amount. The snow was medium density with some graupel. Old surface was not refrozen at lower to mid elevations, with a gradual increase in crust, both depth and strength. Upper elevations, dust on crust. South facing was receiving the load from the winds, with cross loading not un common from crossloading, especially off the ridges. No fractures seen. Sluffing common on steeper slopes with the strong crust.

Bottom Line:

Wind drifting would be the hazard without sun warming. I’d expect active drifts on the crusts, possibly initiated with ski cutting. Would also expect a natural cycle to have run from the winds today.


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