March 4

I went ski touring with the WMC today.



Started at Mill D north following the trail to Dog lake, continuing to the summit of Reynolds.

Descended the northeast facing to the flats.


There had been some sluffing and cornice build up from the pre-frontal winds during the storm.

Those winds hadn't affected the snow lower down.

Ascended the same route, traversing to the west, descending the west facing into Butler.

Ascended the south facing to the Wilson ridge, descending skier’s right and middle chute to the flats. Ascended the east facing continuing through the upper glade, summiting Wilson.

We traversed west, some a little leary of the advanced skinning or scrambing, in one spot.

eventually gaining the summit of Gobblers,

descending off the top, down the middle,

exiting out Porter.


It was a bluebird, with moderate temperatures and occasional breezes from the south, moving little snow.


There was three to 8 inches of new light density snow overlying a mostly crusted base. There had been some natural activity, limited to sluffing within the new snow. The steepest terrain, over 40° would sluff with in the new snow with ski cuts or cornice drops. No slabs found. South facing along with some of the off aspects receiving long lasting sun will have crusted.

Bottom Line:

Snow is mostly stable with hazard limited to sluffing on steep slopes and wet activity, from sun warming.


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