May 21

Today is Pete Engle's birthday. I got invited to go ski with him, since that's what he does on the birthday.

Well, that and golf. From Germania pass we took the high traverse, scrambling up to Eddies.

The bloke drops first,

followed by the our birthday boy.

Marla's next, appearing to be quite excited

by the corn snow skiing.

Our timing was good as the morning clouds, delayed softening.

Petting the dog on the lower run out, Pete is acting his age.

There's a strict time schedule, with a tee time set. An attempt is made for Baldy chute, shortcutting Sugarloaf. A good sized rock fall occurred sometime last week, also triggering a ground slide.

Walking past and zooming the camera, shows the missing section.

Time runs out, so we just ski Mambo, undercut Jitterbug and down Collins.

There's still skiing on the south facing, doubtful I'll get any.

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