November 2-3



I started at Reynolds flat and took the summer trail to the top of Reynolds, reversing the route back to Reynolds flat



I started at the gate just above Porter fork in Millcreek, followed the road to the end, ascended the Big Water trail to Dog Lake, descended to the junction, ascended to the ridge above Desolation Lake, descended on the Great Western trail into upper Millcreek and back down the road.




Overcast both days. The 2nd was very warm with some winds at times but quite variable. The 3 rd was a lot cooler and the winds were not very strong.


The snow was melting the first day and soggy even on the shady aspects of Reynolds. On the second day these same aspects had a crust, with a little melting in the afternoon on aspects receiving a little sun. Many of those have already melted out, though. There are areas on the shady, with faceted snow under the crusts. There isn't a lot of it and it isn't pronounced with depths under a foot, but is present.

Bottom Line:

Stable snow should remain so until it receives a significant load. By that time we may well have depth hoar on aspects with present 12+.