April 14

After a couple of days with a marginal refreeze and wind, with no fresh snow, we finally had a good freeze. As luck would have it, I got a pair of the new Voile fatties for test riding. Not the best ski in the world for softened crust skiing and massive, but I'm a glutton for punishment.

Skied a southeast face, well after noon in sun softened conditions. I was on the way back up, when I saw this group skiing the south facing, off the American Fork Twin. They must have come from Soboard and they continued down Silver Creek. I was wondering how they managed to figure out there would be soft snow in the afternoon and ran a car shuttle to American Fork. I think it was a guided group from the ski area.

I skied the middle Tri Chute at around 5:30 pm. It had softened nicely from a full day of sun. Needs a few more days to corn up, but it was very skiable.

Those Insanes will beat the shit out of a person my size walking up and skiing down more than a few thousand vertical. The version skied was slightly stiffer than the previous demo, handling a wider variety of snow conditions.

Too big for me. Couple more days on em and they can have those back while I wait for the shorter version.

Headed for the Tushers this weekend with that pair of Insanes.Hoping for good snow.

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