April 22

Thinking there would be no remaining dry powder, but having a partner and her obsessive stick chasing dog to ski with, I decided to take my own advice and try for some snocone (snow that had a thin crust, melted the next morning, providing a narrow window of good skiing) snow. We waxed the skins at the trail head, preventing snow build up.

I think that's why she's smiling.

I'll be damned if dry powder wasn't found for a few hundred vertical off the top before reaching damp snow lower and the sticky smush on the exit.

Sheeba, the dog will only travel with a stick in her mouth or chasing a skier holding it.

Cute as a button and full of energy, but she could use a little counseling.

From the top I got a couple of pictures for the avalanche center.

The wet activity, so far, is limited to point release sluffing within the new snow, at least on Raymond.

A couple of larger sluffs were viewed in Broads Fork. Probably not a good idea to get caught in one of those.

I'll take the extra day of soft and settled this time of year without complaint, while waiting for either more powder or a corn harvest.

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