April 29

After a little storm producing 6 inches of dense snow, another little storm added 6 inches of lighter density, improving the skiing.

We started on the East Castle, going just a little too far on the up track, sliding out the run desired.

The original slide ran on the old surface from a wind loaded pocket. It stepped down below the wind roll, going into and removing four inches or so of the melt freeze.


Close up of the lower crown

Followed the East Castle with a line in the corner, beginning from the sheltered alcove.



Followed the runs in the castle with a walk up Supreme, taking the above pictures and a run down Rocky Point.


A couple of snowmobiles came in from Brighton.

Making it to the top of Wolverine.

Finished a nice spring day, with a run down the west face Patsy Marly

April 30

I suppose I should admit to having yet another pair of the Insane for testing. This pair they were calling the super stiff or insane Insane.

We had another 2 inches or so of new snow over night, not the light and dry from yesterday, but medium density, still providing good skiing.

I traveled through Silver Fork, skiing the east bowl and climbing up the west bowl. I got a picture of one of the two skiers I saw today, descending the west bowl.

Skied down into Days Fork via Hideaway, climbed up the east facing and descended main Days. I climbed back up

and outta upper Days, where I met Peter Donner about to descend and I got another photo.

Skipped the run into Days and traversed over descending Toledo bowl to the guard station.


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