April 9

There was this girl and her dog, well, we took the Bowman trail (yeah I know) and followed it to the upper pass. Ascended the west facing to the ridge continuing up the ridge to the top of Yellow Jacket-Middle Bowl and the East chute of Alexander.

Descended off the top into Middle bowl and continued down two pitches to the flats.

Ascended Alexander to the ridge and continued up the southeast facing to the summit of Gobblers descending northwest facing next to Anna’s run. Continued the descent out Porter. It was foggy all day with very poor visibility. No one but the dog threw up.

April 10

Buses stopped on Saturday, so we headed up White Pine to the top of Lake Peak.

Skied the north facing taking the second pitch to the flats.

Ascended Red Baldy and descended. Traversed over, taking the Lake Peak trail to the Boulder Basin saddle and continued up and over to mid Boulder Basin, descending the rolly polly and earlier cleaned out slide path into the big meadow. Ascended the west facing to the ridge, continuing up to the shoulder of Scotties

Descended Scotties to the parking area.

For the second day in a row foggy conditions were the rule. The crowd in the parking lot was preparing a rescue of a fallen skier. I guess they'd continued on despite the fog, got a little close to a cornice on Thunder ridge, fell and slid about 1500 feet down the Dresdon face.

The skies cleared enough in the late afternoon to allow a heli evauc of the injured skier.

Good to hear, everyone made it out okay.

April 11

Alta closes in a week, but the Supreme chair is already closed, allowing a walk about on the perimeter without a bunch of other people.

I saw a halo around the sun. It usually means snow within five days, but I think this time it'll just cool the temperatures.

Skied a run off the top of Sunset for the first time in months. It's still lumpy from all the perimeter skiers and needs a fresh coat of paint.

We'll see.

Continued on, taking a run down Big Chute in Woverine Cirque. A little testing was done to determine size of the wet slides. Ski cutting produced some surface sluffing, expected, because of the time of day, but easily managed.

A couple of skiers dived down Superior late causing a bigger wet slide. Not seen well in this photo, but I like the scenery.

Bet Liam hates to see the afternoon descents of that slide path.

Hoping for either corn or a little spring powder.


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