February 9

The triple play

I got this look at Box Elder on the fouth of February, when I went to Bells.

It had seen three groups the day before, so it wasn't a good idea for touring.

We got a nice little storm with a foot or so of new, covering the evidence of previous visits.

The first climb

After a day spent lap skiing on Gobblers, with another

nice sunny day forecast, we decided to try for the triple play.

The northeast face was first. It had slid during the storm, with recent winds both eliminating the fracture and providing a new wind slab. Entry was cautious, and the skiing was partially in the old debris.

The northeast face

It's about three thousand to the flats, which must be reversed if another run was planned.

We did have the plan, so skied the north chutes as a second run.

Best sking of the day, making another run before dark a hurry up and go.

The north chutes

The last ascent goes to the peak of Box Elder with a great view of the

North Peak Timpanogus

Alpenglow was on the east facing with the west in the shade.

A little scoured off the top, quickly changing to a foot of settled

snow, making for a very nice descent.


The northwest cirque

Looking back up from the bottom of the face with a couple of thousand vertical to the car.

We didn't beat the sunset, but did beat darkness.



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