February 5-6

February 5

I've been on a couple of longer tours in the last week, but today I had a wedding invitation..

Try to avoid those.

This one I attended.

But first,

I got to go skiing, since the wedding was at Alta in the afternoon..


Andrew Mclean and Polly Samuals. Nice couple, very fit involved in adventure skiing and rando racing. One's a lawyer and the other designs climbing gear and stuff.

Lou Dawson was the minister, providing some amusement.

Attended the reception after, with a few other notorious characters.

February 6


It's supposed to snow, providing a little desperatly needed freshening.

What ski area is this?

Climbed right outtta there, didn't see the lift and gained the ridge where, the views are great.

Did a little scrambling,



a little chuting,

a little more climbing,

for a little settled powder sking,

which continued into the afternoon.

Had to do the shoe string repair to finish the exit.

Not a bad weekend.

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