February 8

Last week was high pressure. There'd been a little storm so the skiing wasn't bad and travel was easy, with a couple of big tours done.

A storm blew through yesterday with about 14 inches of new in Milcreek.

Two of us decided to go up Porter.

I'll be damned if others didn't have the same idea.

The last time I'd seen some of those people was New Year's day.

Same place.

We saw no signs of instability so,

We centered punched the main line off the top.

The snow was very good. Occasional face shots.

Someone, told at the top, not to take out the whole hill, took a slightly different line, insuring stability.

Everyone congregated at the bottom, greetings exchanged and safety discussed.

Tracks admired and complained about.

It's okay. Several in the group had skied together for twenty years. Great to meet old friends randomly in the mountains.

Normally, lap skiing isn't done, but because of the snow conditions, combined with the fact it was a heli free day, exceptions were made.

Takes an hour or so to climb back up, with options for the next descent in view.

We decided to do the

Dead Snag

That long board gets a hell of a rooster tail. Can't believe he wasn't wearing goggles.

Damn snowboarders.

Congregation of the group at the bottom once again, and once again we climbed.

The group split, segregating the big turns on the boards.

Best run of the day. Face shots and

forty degrees.



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