Ascended to Cardiff pass from the Alta guard station continuing west along the ridge to the eyebrow, descending through the keyhole

into main Cardiff continuing down the second pitch to the flats and then down the low angled boulder field.




Ascended the east facing with a long traverse north eventually going up to the ridge of Georges bowl. Descended Georges to the upper flat. Ascended to the south and east to the High Ivory ridge continuing to the top and descending the northeast facing continuing out Cardiff.



Partly cloudy with a pesky mid elevation cloud layer which continued developing eventually providing overcast skies into the late afternoon. Winds were gusty and from the west with swirling north and south. Cool temperatures.





Several inches of light density snow over the very dense snow from the past few days. Easy trailbreaking and good skiing on the Styrofoam base. Ski penetration was around four inches both up and down. Snow has not gone off on the south by eleven but may have later in the day. Winds during the day were moving a bit of snow and had done so overnight but did not appear to create an active wind drifting instability.

One faily large slide on the north facing in main Cardiff east of Little Superior buttress. Short running but with a crown of five+ feet. The area east of the slide including the keyhole had slid a day or two previous with the crown and debri blown in providing good skiing.





Another large slide came off of Kessler two days ago? Twice as large as the previous slide taking out mature timber and eliminating the summer road. Slide was round one quarter mile. A large slide was also observed on the northeast face of Dromedary draining into Mill B South. It was learned today, January 13 that this slide encompassed not only Dromedary but mosat of the back bowls of Mill b South to the west of the Sundial.





Bottom Line:

Little instability within the most recent snow. The chance of a human triggering one of the deep slabs would be minimal. The chance of explosive triggering of the deep slabs, I’d give it a 50-50. May see some very large slides and may just see a few deep pockets with a lot of black holes. Natural avalanching would be dependent on further wind load and temperature.




Here's a couple of pictures of the debri pile that came off the east face of Kessler.

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