July 2

Hadn't been out on skis for a while because it didn't seem worth it. A couple of things made me decide to go ski again.

A fellow on the internet chat room has been having a hell of a time trying to get to Box Elder, with the last attempt a sufferfest. He was apparently following the lone peak trail. I thought I'd drive down, take the trail outta Alpine and ski a run off Box Elder with the little skis.

Things went well for a time. The road hasn't changed, except for a little more paving. The trail remains the same, with a good view of the dry creek waterfall on the way. However snow melt is in full swing, with the little creek crossing a raging torrent. I collapsed the bridge, almost taking a spill and decided not to wade, instead turning around and baling, for a later date or a pair of waders.

The other reason for skiing was to make sure everything was in working order,. so I walked up Mineral Fork in Big Cottonwood, finding a couple a thousand vert in the upper canyon.

Followed the most filled in snowfield, to it's end, scrambling beyond in an attempt to reach the ridge for a view into Cardiff. Scared myself on the loose rock before making the ridge so I just skied.

The snow has sun cupped, but was at least soft. Got the couple of thousand vert, adjusted my skis and bindings and ready for the annual 4th of July in Cardiac.

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