May 13

I received a call from g wanting to go ski touring. Since I've had a couple of god tours with her, plus she's a girl and I like to tour with girls I agreed to meet her in the morning. We met at the BC park and ride and drove up LCC parking at the guard station and headed up Cardiff bowl. On the way, I got a picture of Baldy. There's a couple of slides visible already, but during the day, the rumor is two people took rides in avalanches,accessing out of the open Sobored ski area.

We followed the ridge over from Cardiff pass descending the northeast face of LSB. I'm still demoing the Insanes, and g had the video camera, so I opened up the turns a bit to see what the skis would do. They did just fine.

From the bottom, we headed up Cardiac bowl, gained the Superior ridge and took a run off the top. There's a couple of naturals from the previous day, but no activity was initiated from our run down.

The lower break over was warmed a bit more than the upper. It did produce some surface sluffing on a hard turn.

We climbed back to the top of Superior. By the time we got there, daytime heating had produced a good sized crown on the southeast aspect. It did not, however, have enough punch to reach the highway.

We skied into Mill B South from the top of Superior, put the skins on and skinned up the southwest facing without a break because of the heating. We made it to the Mineral notch entry minutes before the rollers started, with a couple over running the skin track.

The notch entry into Mineral Fork was as fat as I've ever seen it. It was threading the needle to ski down the upper bowl without hitting clinkers and wet debris.

The needle threading, better seen from the bottom, as we traverse to the Santiago mid elevation pitch and hopeful exit.

Once again winding our way through all the debris piles left after several avalanche cycles had occurred from the days of snow and following warm temperatures

A view of Superior in late afternoon after retrieving the shuttle vehicle.

The largest wet slide debris pile I saw was in the White Pine or Chinese Wall path.

The view of the White Pine path taken the following day on the way up White Pine.

Hell of a May storm cycle. Got a few days of spring powder and a few days of mank so far this month. Today wasn't bad for a Friday the 13th.

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