December 23

Box Elder

There's not a lot of snow but, I skinned from the trailhead on the hiker-slowshoe packed base.

A lot of hoar frost near the creek crossings at lower elevations. Coupla pics on the

link to obervation

Here's two more.

surface hoar frost on small branch


hoar frost cluster

The smog and smoke is prevalent in the valley. Makes a nice view of the Oquirrahs.

Winds from the west were scouring the upper ridges on west facing. The east facing was scoured from east winds the day before and drifting in. I stopped at the top of the north chutes.

Not bad off the ridge,

gullied down lower.

A panorama of the south facing Dry Creek.

The scenic view of the south face of Chipman.

It could use a little snow. The smog had color in the late afternoon.

Took the skis off for the last part of the descent.

It's obvious why.


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