May 28

It's almost a tradition to ski on Memorial day. In the past, Timp has been the call. it was melting fast and we did it last weekend. I've also gone to Great Basin National Park, skiing Wheeler and the Ditch. This year, with below average snow, we just went to Alta.

Skied a run down the corner of Devil's Castle. Surface was soggy but, smooth and creamy.

Traversed around and climbed the standard route up Baldy finding a few flowers.

Alpine buttercups

No idea what these little buggers were.

Looking down the main chute, with a new and improved demo pair of Insanes on.

It'd been skied a few times over the last several days. My partner, six months pregnant, skiin' it up

A look down at the shrinking coverage on the main runs at Alta

Took the skis off at the mid loading on Collins, for 50 yards, put um back on and skied to the base.

I found these unknown penstemons growing next to the BCC creek at the park and ride.

One, maybe two days of patch skiing, left?