May 5

Couldn't see shit all day.

A photo of the White Pine bridge on the afternoon exit.

White Pine

Elevations, slope angles and aspects:
7500’-11200’, angles to 40°, north aspects.

Avalanche activity:
Cracking within the most recent snow at upper elevations as the result of winds from the northwest. Ski cutting produced no slides in this layering.

Slopes skied:
Red Baldy and upper Boulder Basin.

Snow surface and conditions:
Another 6” or so was added to the storm totals. Instability showers during the day added another inch or so. Snow totals at the lowest elevations were only a coupla inches, since settlement in between shower events has been good. Mid elevation totals of 10” medium density. Upper elevation snow has been blown around by winds from a variety of directions, the most recent northwest. Drifting is up to about 2’, only the most recent remains active. As a result the upper elevation snow is inverted and the best skiing is mid elevation wind sheltered. Lower elevations have damp snow and ski cutting easily initiates rollers and pinwheels by afternoon.

Overcast with fog and winds gusting over 25 mph at upper elevations from the northwest. Moderate temperatures.

The latest round of showers added drifts, especially in wind exposed upper elevation terrain. I’d expect some of those to remain active for a while. Good settlement from short periods of clearing and warm spring temperatures quickly eliminate most new snow instability leaving the wet slide cycle when skies clear. That cycle should involve only storm snow, sliding on the firm old snow surface.


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