June 1

lcc pano

LCC pano big

Broads and Mill B south

Snowline was a little higher than we'd planned. Walked to the base of the upper cirque. We did a little thrashing for a minute.


More glide slides, probably from two weeks ago, with the temperatures in the 90s.


Bonkers is history.

bonkers glide

Walked through the debris pilse and up the gauntlet to the back bowls.


Continued to the shoulder of Dromedary for some corn


down the northeast facing sidewinder run.

upper sidewinder

Not ready to quit, with a little south breeze for cooling


"yer crazy". the lower section had a chunk of glide break loose.

chunk dodgin

Finishing up on the low angled apron.

yer crazy 2

A brief rest at the lake, looking back up


before hiking outta Mill B.

I was trying the proto Asylum and they worked good in the manky, almost unsupportable early summer snow.


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