December 21

Wallyworld-Reynolds face-Big Water-Mill D North Fork

Elevations, slope angles and aspects

7500'-9200', angles over 35°, all aspects.

Snow conditions

The storm added a few inches of light density snow over a few inches of denser snow, right side up.


Underlying cover is variable as hell, a foot or so on the Reynold face, three and a half feet in Big Water.

Ski penetration was less than 6", boot penetration to the ground in places.

I experienced no cracking or collapsing.

Ski conditions were also variable. I'd call the face of Reynolds "punchy" meaning a hard turn would break through the underlying denser snow-crust.

Big Water woulda been "fast and fun" if someone hadn't zigzagged an up track across the middle of the slope.

A few rocks linger on the main trail, east and west facing are marginal with exstensive brush exposed.


Light snow all day, with an inch or so accumulation. Cool temperatures, light wind along the ridges.

Avalanche activity

The only slides observed were in the gravel pit on Wasatch Blvd. near the mouth of Big Cottonwood


Snow pit



Good stability in Wallyworld.