January 3

Porter Fork-Raymond glade, Para-dice.

Elevations, slope angles and aspects

6200'-10k, angles over 35°, north and east facing aspects.

Snow conditions


The road is groomed nicely.

Mid elevations are supportable with a skiff of recent snow over crust. Damp to 8k.

Upper elevation snow continues degradation. Sand boxing common.

Isolated areas have recrystallized to non supportability(wallowing).

A few shallow wind drifts forming along the ridges, non reactive.


Overcast skies, mild temperatures. Winds were blowing 15+ mph along the ridge.

Snow pit



Good stability.

Weather guessers suggest a few inches of fresh + wind so...

Bonding of the new snow to old surface is questionable.

Active wind drifting likely at or near ridges.

Some potential for reactivating older layering with enough load.


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