March 5


Porter Fork-Gobbers Knob

Elevations, slope angles and aspects

6100'-10400', angles over 35°, north facing aspects.

Snow conditions


Coupla more inches over a dense, mostly spongy base.

No fresh snow at the 6000' trail head. New snow began appearing at about 7500' with amount increasing.

Sticky on the up and down to 8k or so, mank in the pm at lower elevations.

Ski conditions were dense and creamy.


School prevented the ideal start so...

Blue skies in the morning with increasing high clouds as the day progressed.

Flat light in the afternoon.

Temperatures were mild, winds picked up with gusts to about 20 mph from the west.

Avalanche activity

One point release sluff was observed on the southeast face of Raymond.


Glide release in the diving board area of Broads.


Zoomed, no tracks observed.



Good stability, little change from the second of March.

Another storm guessed, hopefully more than the little teaser, so..same as it ever was.

Stability will be dependent on bonding within layering and the old surface.

Increasing potential for active wind drifts with loading.

Possible wet activity with warming