January 31

Toledo bowl, Holy Toledo, Cardiac ridge, Reynolds flat

Elevations, slope angles and aspects

7400-10800', angles over 35°, all aspects.

Snow conditions


There was a foot or so of new and recent snow over a mostly crusted base.

The fresh was right side up, for the most part, well bonded.

Crusts were variable in thickness and hardness with south facing slick in places.

Ski cuts produced point release sluffing + a shallow soft slab here and there. Those weren't running far but, did pack some punch.

South facing may have heated enough to crust at mid and lower elevations.


Clear to partly cloudy skies in the am with increasing clouds and wind from the east in the afternoon. Cool in the shade, pleasant in the sun.


Mostly stable snow, surface sluffing was the instability issue.

Would expect settlement to stabilize.

Weather guessers have snow flurries with continued wind in the forecast so...

Isolated potential for slides breaking into older recrystallized layering.

Wind drifting of the light density snow.



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