February 4

Porter Fork-Silver Bell

Elevations, slope angles and aspects

6200-9600', angles over 35°, north facing aspects.

Snow conditions

Snow line was around 8k with a stout surface ice crust below about 7500'.


A skiff of snow fell during the day with a thin rain rime crust sandwiched between the flurries.

Dense damp upper elevations skied ok. Follow the trail on the exit.


Overcast to foggy skies, mist and light rain from the trail head to the ridge.

Winds were strong, gusting to 30mph along the ridges, little wind at lower and mid elevations..



I found an old slide in upper Silver Bell, north facing about 30' wide, running about 100'.

The bed surface had 6" or so of recent snow providing the best skiing of the day.


Add another thin rime crust. Snow is quite dense indicating increased stability. Wind was moving minimal snow so...

Continued caution would be advisable in terrain with recent wind load and per-existing shallow snow(east and northeast facing).



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