December 17

Mill D North, Millcreek

Reynolds to Wilson

Elevations, slope angles and aspects:
6300-10’000’? Angles close to 40°, all aspects

Avalanche activity:
Surface sluffing in isolated areas. Much less than yesterday. Recnt slides(yesterday) north facing Wilson ridge and a creek slide.

Slopes skied:
Reynolds west facing into Butler, Wilson Glade and the headwall bowl east of the lower glade.

Snow surface and conditions:
A couple of inches new snow over the 6 or so yesterday. Very dense where wind affected, only an annoyance out of the wind. Reynolds ne face was scoured to the rime crust. There was a wide ramp on the shoulder drifted in well over a foot deep. The wind damage remained evident traversing west along the ridge. Some wind dage and drifting along the Wilson ridge. Out of the wind snow remains light with only a skin of denser snow.
The underlying snow is variable with the rime crust evident in most areas from stout to eggshell. South facing remains unaffected by warming and sun.

Overcast with moderate temperatures. Some south east wind less than 10 mph at times, mostly in the morning. Spits and sputters of snow, less than an inch accumulation.

Snow pit:

Mostly stable snow in areas traveled. A bit of lingering sluffing. There are significant drifts evident, mainly near the ridges. If resting on top of facets or the slick rime crust, potential exists for avalanche. Outside of drifted areas bonding has improved and load isn’t enough.