December 18

Wind damage on Doug's Drop

Picture was taken from the top of West Monitor bowl. Returned to the PC ridges two days later

December 20

Park City ridges

Willow, West Monitor, No Name and USA bowl

Elevations, slope angles and aspects:
7500-10200’, angles to 45°, all aspects.

Avalanche activity:
Surface sluffing No Name bowl. No other recent activity.

Slopes skied:
No name and USA bowls, Mill F East.

Snow Surface and conditions:
8-10” recent snow over the rime crusted base. All aspects retain soft snow with less on the off aspects and south facing. Heating was not enough to cook down the south facing although the most sun exposed may have formed a thin crust. The surface snow has once again recrystalized with small grained surface hoar present. In the very sheltered areas, all recent snow has faceted with bonding decreasing.

Cool temperatures clear skies and a breeze from the north of less than 10 mph.

Snow pit:


Stable snow pack with little evidence of instability other than sluffing on the rime crust on slopes approaching 40°. The slufffing at present seems limited to more sheltered and shady terrain. Would expect that to continue, possibly increasing in area if the weather remains cool and clear.