December 24


Elevations, slope angles and aspects:
7500-10500’, angles to 35°+, south, north and east.

Avalanche activity:
One natural sluff slide likely the result of the northwest winds at the end of the 1-2" dump overnight.

A little north of Cardiac pass.

Zoomed view

Slopes skied:
Little Superior northeast facing and High Ivory southeast facing.

Snow surface and conditions:
An inch or two of new snow overlying a settled base. Much of the area has been heavily used. Winds from the northeast were blowing the snow around creating some shallow drifts on southeast and east facing, with the common crossloading on other isolated terrain features. No drifts were found to be active and all observed were of the very soft slab variety. Scouring in the terrain traveled through was more common than drifting.

Overcast to clearing as the day progressed . A pesky northwest breeze of 10-15 mph also decreased. Cool temperatures mainly in the upper elevation wind exposed. Moderate out of the wind and at lower elevations.

Cardiff has some of the strongest and most stable snow, made more so by the heavy use. I would expect areas with more shallow and less used to have some localized hazard from the winds and trace of new snow. It is unlikely the potential slides would have much depth, except for lingering and isolated pockets remaining from the last few days of wind.