December 8

Broads Fork

Elevations, slope angles and aspects:
6800’ to 10’600’, angles to 40°, aspects north, east and northeast.

Avalanche activity:
One old slide northeast facing off the rocks just south of Bonkers. No other activity.

Slopes skied:
Apron, northeast facing below the south twin continuing down the main gully.

Snow surface and conditions:
Lower elevation snow was less than a foot deep all faceted. Up higher most of the snow had wind damage of some kind, variable from patches of thin crust to scoured and scuffed up. The scuffed up areas are sand boxing (faceting). Total snow depth, even up high is 2’ or less. Mid elevation wind sheltered has extensive small sized surface hoar. Much of this melts during the day and reforms at night with associated near surface faceting.

Mild temperatures. A breeze from the south much of the day.

Snow pit:
Pole probing in shallow depth was all that was necessary.

Total snowpack is quite shallow. A good portion has surface or near surface faceting. Instabilities would be dependent on bonding old snow with new from any storm. Significant load of a foot or more would likely produce both collapsing and avalanche. Several inches in water weight would create a widespread cycle involving most of the terrain.