November 14

BCC-Willow Heights past beaver ponds up Wills Hill
Park City ridges-West Monitor, South Monitor
7500’ to just over 10’000’
Avalanche Activity:
None observed
Slopes skied:
Two runs skiers left side of South Monitor east facing, with exit run down Wills Hill northwest facing.
Snow conditions:
Winds from the west had scoured much of the exposed west and northwest facing, drifting the snow in the upper portions of the east and northeast facing. Down off the ridges snow was dense powder 10-12” deep.
Winds from 10-20mph throughout the day, strongest near the ridges. Overcast skies with spits and sputters of snow all day.


Winds were moving snow, mostly along the ridges. Repeated cornice kicking and drops produced only sluffing and the cornices were only sized as full microwave ovens. Moderate shears at the interface of new snow old wind crust, with a skiff of light density.
There may be localized areas with enough load to produce avalanches with the new snow. Older layering is without faceting, settled and well-bonded.