November 15

Bowman trail up Pole Canyon to Gobbler’s summit with a return down the Bowman trail.
6300’-10’400 Slope angles ranged from flat to over 40°
Natural activity in Alexander Basin. North to northwest facing several hundred feet wide running off the ridge and extending under the rock bands towards northwest facing Wilson Chutes.
Natural activity in Mill B South. North through northeast facing back Monte Cristo bowl wrapping onto the east facing.
Activity was during the storm or immediately after. Crown in Alexander was blown in the one in Mill B appeared somewhat more recent and crown was distinct.
One collapse felt on ascent, traversing through a wind drifted area on the west side of the Cabin run.
Slopes skied:
Cabin run from the summit involving a little traversing.
Snow surfaces and depth:
Depth was 2” at the trail head. Some of the sun exposed melted to dirt. Up higher out of wind affected there was about 6” storm total. The upper bowl was wind affected(scoured) Wind compacted snow was some drifting on the west side. The Davis Gulch and nose area had significant loading.
Mild temps and light wind.


Interesting, when compared with this snow pit on the same hill, November 3


Snow was stable in areas traveled. Loading on the Alexander ridge was enough to warrant caution. Same with the nose on Gobblers. Shallow depth of snow pack combined with cool temps is changing the damp snow near the ground to large grained facets. The lower crust is also deteriorating from this process. I’d expect settlement to stabilize most areas with lingering hazard on the shady slopes especially near rock bands and in recently drifted areas.