November 30


Bowman trail to Yellow Jacket to Middle bowl in Alexander to Wilson Glade to the bowl between Wilson and Soldier to Millcreek road.

Elevations, slope angles, and aspects:
6300’ to 10’000’. Slope angles to 40°+. All aspects except south facing.

Avalanche activity:

Recent activity along the ridge separating Cabin run on Gobbler’s and mid elevation Alexander Basin. This was limited to small areas of cornice falling from the westerly wind load.

Slopes skied:
Middle bowl ne facing Alexander, Wilson glade and the headwall bowl east of Wilson Glade.

Snow surface and snow conditions:
Surface hoar was forming both at low elevations and higher in wind sheltered terrain. This was for the most part, small grained, except near the creek at low elevation. West winds had produced some cornices and created a shallow wind crust in more exposed locations. Cool temperatures have started recrystalizing the surface and near surface snow, drying out the mid layers. Wind sheltered terrain provides good skiing, with a bit of herky jerky in crusted locations.

Snow pit:

Snow pit:


The recent storm snow is faceting . In places this has a wind skin or shallow crust overlying the facets. Concern would be of continued wind load, especially combined with any significant snowfall. This could result in further natural activity, more significant than noted and potential for human triggered slides, possibly stepping down to older layering with increased size.