April 18

Alta and perimeter

Elevations, slope angles and aspects:
8500’-10300’, angles to 40°, all aspects but south.

Avalanche activity observed:
Sluffing on the old snow surface. Localized cracking within new snow layering from wind drifts

created by westerly winds, primarily on east facing.

Slopes skied:

Gunsite and the west face of Patsy Marley.

Snow surface and conditions:
2”-4” of new snow overlying a firm crusted base. New snow was accompanied by winds in the 15-25 mph range from the west. This was blowing and drifting the new light density snow, producing areas with sensitive load. The new snow was not well bonded as it came in cold. Ski cuts initiated sluffs on angles over 35°. These were lacking punch and not moving far downhill.

Light to moderate snowfall with overcast skies. Winds from the west. Moderate temperatures.

Cold snow on a well frozen surface does not promote stability confirmed by cracking and sluffs. I would expect settlement to eliminate a portion of the instability but, the current forecast is for continued snowfall. I’d expect some long running sluffs and soft slabs easily initiated by ski cuts. Natural activity would also be likely. All activity should remain within new snow layering.


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