April 19

Upper parking at Alta to Mineral Fork-Silver Days Cardiff and Mineral

Elevations, slope angles and aspects:
7000’-10800, angles to 40°, all aspects

Avalanche activity observed:
Sluffing within new snow layering on slopes over 35°. Soft slab activity in wind drifted areas.

These were for the most part small, less than 20 feet wide, except for the slide in Hideaway Park, which was about 40’ wide and a foot deep.

Others were noticed in upper Days Fork, Toledo chute and Cardiff Fork. All were the result of ski cuts and or ski tracks. Wet activity was possible with daytime heating but, none was noted.

Slopes skied:
East bowl of silver Fork, west bowl of Silver Fork, Hideaway park into Days Fork, Holy Toledo into Cardiff Fork and upper Miner Fork, descending out Mineral.

Snow surface and conditions:
There was about 10 inches of settled snow from yesterday’s storm. This snow had already settled a bit and continued to do so throughout the day, especially after the sun came out. There were some density inversions within new snow layering. Those settled as the day progressed, most pronounced in the morning. The sun and warm temperatures caused most of the off aspects to heat up enough that they will be crusted. This was also noted below about 8500’ on the north facing in the late afternoon.

Overcast, with light snow in the early morning. Skies gradually cleared and the afternoon was bluebird with high clouds increasing in the late afternoon. Winds were from the west in the morning decreasing to almost zero, with the clearing. Cool to moderate temperatures.

Most avalanches occur during and immediately after storms. This rule held true today. No natural activity was seen. Instabilities early in the day quickly settled as the day progressed. Future hazard would be limited to localized and stubborn shallow soft slab drifts and wet activity with daytime heating. I’d guess, judging by the latest weather forecast, that wet activity would likely be minimal.


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