April 22

White Pine.

Elevations, slope angles and aspects:
7500’-10500’, angles to 35+°, northerly aspects.

Avalanche activity:
Shallow slab was triggered on the middle or main chute of the Birthday chutes. This was well down from the ridge, about ten turns in. The crown approached 6” and was about 30’ wide.

The slide was the result of morning winds blowing the coupla inches from yesterday into the chute. One side was scoured and the other, wind drifted.
No other activity observed.

Slopes skied:
Birthday chute and the north facing off Lake peak.

Snow surface and conditions:
The lower elevation snow was well frozen. There was a skiff to perhaps and inch, increasing with elevation. The snow from earlier in the week was capped with a crust at all elevations. Lighter drier snow exists under the crust on shady aspects, particularly at upper elevations. Morning winds from the west had blown yesterday’s snow around, both drifting and scouring. There were sensitive wind pockets scattered around (see above). Snow showers during the day added another 2”, and this snow was bonding well. It did not heat up enough for much wet activity, but some good-sized rollers were produced skiing the final pitch above the trail on the exit.

Overcast, with winds from the west 10-20’ mph early, decreasing with the onset of snow showers into the afternoon.
Moderate temperatures.

Recent storms are creating a crust settled snow sandwich. No faceting was observed. There were sensitive wind drifts at the latest interface, old snow crust- new snow. Those may remain sensitive in places buried under whatever few inches fall overnight. Probably isolated to localized because of limited availability for transport. Some attention should be paid to the layering, especially if and when significant snowfall adding up to more than a coupla inches water weight occurs. The warm up after the stormy period may also warrant attention.


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