January 3

Mill D, Reynolds, Butler and Alexander Basin

Elevations, slope angles and aspects

6200-10k, angles over 35°, all aspects

Snow conditions

New snow amounts were 8-10", right side up. Some shallow drifts were observed, especially near ridges on aspects with an east facing component. Cornice kicking and ski cuts would release those,


in a predictable fashion. Natural activity was limited to several small slides on the same layering. South facing warmed during the day but, not enough to crust. Small rollers were the only result.


Partly cloudy skies and cool temperatures. Winds were from the north, stronger near the ridges and at higher elevations, gusting to around 15 mph.


The little storm didn't produce much change. Winds from the south prior to the storm added a few drifts, buried under the new snow. Wind during the storm also added some shallow drifts. Of interest, got a good look into Wilson Fork. Other than the pocket slide, noticed on December 30 there was no natural activity, even though both Soldier Fork and Alexander Basin had large slides from the Christmas cycle. Decision made was to pass it by.


January 3 journal

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