March 12

Broads-Mill B south

Elevations, slope angles and aspects

6200-11000', angles over 40°, north facing aspects

Snow conditions

Settled snow on all aspects, at all elevations. There are scattered wind drifts at the upper elevations on ne through nw facing. Ski cuts and cornice drops indicated they are glued in place, or at least stubborn, requiring a large trigger.


Wet activity, almost dormant for the last day or two,


activated with warmer temperatures and sunny skies.


Starting on southeast facing before noon, and working around the sun exposed as the day progressed. Point release sluffing in rocky areas.


Clear and sunny skies, mild temperatures. Winds were from the south, early in the day decreasing to less than 10 mph.


Stable snow was found. Instabilities limited to possible active wind drifts at upper elevations and wet activity, with day time heating.


March 12 journal