March 18

White Pine parking-Box Elder-return.

Elevation, slope angles and aspects

7500-11000', angles over 35°, all aspects

Snow conditions

Overnight refreeze produced supportable crusts. Warming as the day heated


caused remotely triggered stress fracturing, indicative of a shallow freeze and incomplete settlement of damp snow under the crust.

Some soft, settled snow lingers on sheltered north facing. Winds have done their damage in exposed terrain, which includes most non-sun affected. Sun exposed softened in a timely manner. By afternoon supportable crusts had turned to slush, with isothermal snow found on south facing from 8200-9500'. Upper elevations were still supportable on the discolored crust layer, except near rocks or in shallow snow locations.

Avalanche activity observed was from yesterday's marginal refreeze, with the predictable widespread sluffing


coming out of the rock bands, mid elevationwest facing Red Pine.


High clouds in the early morning turning partly cloudy. Mild but not oppressive temperatures. Winds were light.


Spring snow conditions continue. Follow the sun.

North facing softens by afternoon.


March 18 journal